Yoga with Jasmijn

Yoga and meditation make you calmer, more creative, and happier. They bring you closer to yourself, no matter how busy life gets. Learn more about the 7 benefits of Yoga, Corporate Yoga, and me.

Hatha yoga

These are the 7 Benefits of Yoga

Discover the 7 benefits of Yoga. Start yoga today for a healthier life with less stress and more creativity. Hint: You don’t need to be flexible to experience these benefits 😉

Corporate Yoga

Are you looking to reduce stress and increase productivity in your workplace? Corporate yoga might be the solution you need! Not only is it an enjoyable way to start or end the workday on a relaxed note, but it also enhances concentration and creates a positive work atmosphere. And the best part is that it saves you time by providing a great workout right in your office! Don’t miss out on the benefits of corporate yoga – press the button below to learn more.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jasmijn. As a yoga instructor, I share my passion for yoga in studios, gyms, and companies in an accessible way. Additionally, in my daily life I work in corporate business. And my dog Moos from Romania? He prefers to go everywhere with me.

Jasmijn en Moos

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