Corporate / Business Yoga

As an employee and yoga instructor, I understand the importance of ensuring that your fellow employees feel good. Corporate yoga is a wonderful and enjoyable way to start or end the workday together in a relaxed manner. Moreover, it also provides a great workout!

Why offer yoga as a company?

Did you know that with corporate / business yoga, employees…

  1. Experience less stress

  2. Feel a stronger sense of teamwork after participating in a yoga class together

  3. Feel more comfortable in their skin

  4. Enhance concentration and focus

  5. Appreciate you as an employer even more

Take the first step towards a healthier and happier workplace!

Did you know…

Corporate yoga is increasingly becoming a part of successful retreats or staff days. Retreats require a high level of focus and creativity from employees, making the days intensive. An excellent strategy to keep everyone sharp and content throughout such a day is organizing a yoga session before the activities or as a relaxing break in between.

How it works

  • I conduct classes at your office unless you prefer otherwise. A meeting room or boardroom is sufficient to provide a great session for your employees. I’ll take care of the ambience 😉

  • Classes last for 1 hour. Longer or shorter sessions can be arranged based on your preferences (in English or Dutch).

  • With the music and aromatic scents I bring along, you’ll get into the mood right away.

  • Classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced participants.

Employees’ testimonials

“When a product release is hectic, and I’ve spent the whole day firefighting, I usually carry that stress home with me. The yoga session helped me calm down, and I had a restful night’s sleep.”

Project Manager

“I enjoy Jasmijn’s yoga classes every time! Her lessons are pleasant and clear, accompanied by great (non-standard) music. And, what I also appreciate is that the classes are always different. It’s reassuring to know that she has received good training; she knows what she’s doing!”

Coach en trainer

“It’s beautiful to see (and experience) how the hustle and bustle of the workplace dissipates into a sense of calm during the team Yoga hour. Relaxation and strength, are all guided by Jasmijn. Good for the mind, body, and team vibe.”


Fiscal Advantage of Corporate Yoga

Offering yoga in the workplace at no extra cost is possible through the Work-Related Cost Scheme (WKR). Within the WKR, it is permitted to provide tax-free reimbursements for certain amenities, including yoga classes.

Several conditions outlined in the occupational health and safety plan must be met. For instance, yoga classes should be conducted at the company premises and during regular working hours. Compliance with these conditions qualifies you for the Work-Related Cost Scheme (WKR).”